Please look through the following frequently asked questions, and if your question is not answered by the following list then please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Q: Are quotations free of charge?
A: A Site visit, advice and written quotations are free of charge.
Q:  Quotations and estimates received from different Tree Surgeons vary, what is so different?
A: We do not give estimates for the work, just written quotations for the work which is to be carried out as discussed at our site meeting.  Therefore no additions to the cost unless additional works are discussed and agreed.
Q: Our tree overhangs the road and footpath, can it be worked on safely?
A: Yes, I am qualified in Chapter 8 (signing, lighting and guarding).  I can therefore notify the Local Highways Authority and deploy traffic lights and signs.
Q: Do we need permission to undertake any work for our tree?
A: I can check the statues of any tree at the quotation stage free of charge and if consent is required I can act as an agent on your behalf and submit the necessary Application.
Q: Do you take away the rubbish?
A: Yes, all arisings  upto 6 inches in diameter can be chipped and wood removed from site.  This will be explained on the quotation as remove all arisings.
Q: How can you access and work in the tree safely?
A: We are qualified in working from rope and harness safely.  All climbing equipment is tested and certificated by an external Assessor every six months.

If your question is not answered by this list then please fill in the form here.


Thank you for the work done. I’m very happy with the results and with the way your men did the work — Prof Bryars